Damaged And Seizured Items

Resend policy

We have only a resend policy based on a seizure letter.

  • We do not re-ship to the following high risk countries: Australia, Germany Brazil, Scandinavian Countries and Canada

Damaged Items

When you receive your package and you find damaged products or different or less products that you ordered please take some pictures with your camera and send us by email in jpg or jpeg format. We replace only packages that look real before you opened and removing from original package. Once you unwrapped everything is no use to make any picture because we will not take them in consideration.

My firewall allow only: jpg, jpeg, be sure you dont send other type of attachments or I will dont receive them. Scans are not accepted.


We have a very high rate of successful deliveries (96 %+) and a resend policy based on a seizure letter. In the unlikely event that if your package is detained by customs, We will reship your full order to a new address, upon the customers presentation of the original seizure letter in the original envelope it came in. This means you need  to keep both letter and envelope. We need you to take some photos of the letter (also pictures of the envelope) with a digital camera then send us by e-mail.

DO NOT SCAN, I need to see the customs watermark.

Any package from overseas can be opened and inspected for any reason. We will not refund any orders that have been detained by customs, nor will resend to the same address that has had a package detained already.