Eprex EPO 4000ıu 6 Pen

Eprex EPO 4000ıu 6 Pen

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Eprex, Epoetin Alfa, Alfa Epoetina, Epo, Human Erythropoietin

Bodybuilders and other strength athletes using testosterone replacement drugs have long known the benefits of boosting EPO and red blood cells, as this is a secondary effect of this category of drugs.

Prior to the development of rhEPO, the popular anabolic steroid Anadrol was used to increase red blood cells. Anadrol has a reputation in bodybuilding for producing the best pumps and extreme vascularity. In addition to increasing muscle size and strength, noticeable improvements in workout endurance are reported to occur. To maximize these steroid induced EPO benefits, actual rhEPO use is suspected to be on the rise among bodybuilders and strength athletes.

Using EPO;

Before use, take 1 syringe out of the fridge and wait for it to reach 15-30 room temperature. Never open the needle cover without using it.

Sterilize the area you will inject and your hands with alcohol.

The epo that comes to room temperature can be close to the belly button.

It is recommended to hit 3 doses 3 times a week, Monday-Wednesday-Friday. The cycle period can be 4-6 weeks.

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