Himalaya Liv52 60 Tablets

Himalaya Liv52 60 Tablets

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Key uses of Himalaya Liv.52 DS Tablet:

Facilitates the rapid elimination of acetaldehyde produced after alcohol consumption and ensures protection from alcohol-induced liver damage

Diminishes the lipotropic (compounds that help catalyze the breakdown of fat) effect in chronic alcoholism and prevents the deposition of fat in the liver

Arrests further liver damage in the earliest stages and prevent the progress of cirrhosis

Protects the liver against alcohol toxicity. It has hepatoprotective property and is also a potent antioxidant that can be seen by its free radical scavenging property

Lowers your risk of liver infections such as jaundice or viral hepatitis (such as Hepatitis A) due to its immunomodulatory action

Inhibits the elevation of malondialdehyde (biomarker for oxidative stress) levels in plasma and hepatic cells

Inhibits the ALT and AST enzyme levels and improves the functional efficiency of the liver

Corrects liver dysfunction and damage, thereby promoting appetite and growth, especially in people with liver problems

Helps to improve digestion by acting on the liver enzymes and improving liver function

Directions for use:

Himalaya Liv.52 DS Tablet should be used as directed by your physician. Ideally, it is recommended to be taken twice or thrice daily as per your condition and need. The usually recommended dose for adults and children is.

For adults: It is advised to take 2-3 tablets 3-4 times a day

For children: it is advised to take 1-2 tablets 3-4 times a day

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