Lean Mass Cycle #1

Lean Mass Cycle #1

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Lean Mass Cycle 1 is not recommended as the first cycle,  at least the 2 or 3rd cycle. With this cycle and clean diet you can achieve great gaining without of fat gain. Gaining power, stamina and fat burn expectet with this cycle.

LEAN MASS CYCLE #1 Benefits;

  • Lean mass gain
  • stamina, power
  • fat burning
  • endurance

LEAN MASS CYCLE #1 Recommendations;

Avoid unhealthy fats and salt through cycle, try a clean diet.

Detailed cycle scheme  will be sent with shipping.

Take supplements below recommended;

B complex, Omega 3, Milk Thistle, Cabaser 1mg, Arimidex 1mg 


  • 3 x Aburaihan Testosterone Enanthate 250mg 10 amp
  • 3 x Benelux Pharma Boldenon 250mg 10ml
  • 2 x Benelux Pharma Trenbolon E 250mg 10ml
  • 1 x Balkan Pharma Danabol 10mg 100 Tablets
HAFTATest EBoldenonTren EDbol  
1500mg weekly500mg weekly500mg weekly
30mg daily  
2500mg weekly
500mg weekly500mg weekly
30mg daily  
3500mg weekly
500mg weekly500mg weekly
30mg daily  
4500mg weekly
500mg weekly500mg weekly
30mg daily  
5500mg weekly
500mg weekly500mg weekly
6500mg weekly
500mg weekly500mg weekly
7500mg weekly500mg weekly500mg weekly
8500mg weekly500mg weekly500mg weekly
9500mg weekly500mg weekly500mg weekly
10500mg weekly500mg weekly500mg weekly
11500mg weekly500mg weekly    
12500mg weekly500mg weekly    
13500mg weekly500mg weekly    
14500mg weekly500mg weekly    
15500mg weekly500mg weekly    

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