Humatrope 36IU Growth hormone

Humatrope 36IU Growth hormone

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Humatrope 36 iu 12 mg is human growth hormone that is used to maintain the body in good health and shape. Humatrope 36 iu pen is an rDNA derived polypeptide hormone 191 amino acids in length.

HGH Humatrope Dosage;
The dosage of HGH for adults depends on what goals will be used. For fat burn, the dosage should be 2-3 IU per day, for muscle build and fat burn 4-10 IU per day. For maximum benefit, HGH may be combined with Testosterone.

Benefits of Humatrope;
  • Humatrope helps to increase the process of cellular regeneration in the body. New cells are the building blocks of life, and in this case, they are required to help.
  • Maintain the integrity of the muscular and skeletal systems of the body.
  • Humatrope also helps to strengthen the immune system making the body less susceptible to colds and viruses.
  • Sexual performance, increased endurance, and higher energy levels are additional benefits of Humatrope for adults.
  • An increased risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is possible in cases of human growth hormone decline.
  • Most people report positive changes in mood and outlook within three weeks of starting their Humatrope injections.

What are the Humatrope Side Effects?

Because HGH humatrope very effective, it may has side effects at overdosage. The possible side effects are:  muscle and joints pains, vomiting, severe stomach pains, tiredness, dry skin, headache, increased urination and other.

What is Humatrope used for?

Even though people use it for High Quality Muscle Gain, Fat Burning and Anti-Aging purposes, this is not the only use of it. HGH humatrope pen is also used for the treatment of one of the following medical conditions: growth failure, growth hormone deficiency, intestinal disorder (short bowel syndrome) or HIV-related weight loss or wasting.

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