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For the performance enhancing athlete the importance of steroid education is paramount; without proper education use will often be highly irresponsible. In order for an individual to weigh cost to benefit ratios properly, to understand how best to supplement with anabolic steroids, how to cycle them, how to stack them and what precautionary measures must be taken and individual must take it upon themselves to self-educate on the matter at hand. While many performance enhancers understand this many fail to understand the importance of educating oneself on steroid law and this may indeed be the most important factor of all. In places such as the United States the laws as they pertain to anabolic androgenic steroids are extremely strict in nature, more so than most countries and as more than six-million adults in the U.S. supplement with anabolic steroids for the purpose of performance enhancement an understanding of these laws proves to be far beyond imperative.

As an understanding of the laws is of great importance there is much to learn; many of the links provided will answer specific questions and focus more directly on a singular issue revolving around anabolic steroid legality. For our purposes here we simply want to give you a general understanding of what youre dealing with, an understanding of the consequences of ignoring anabolic steroid laws. Make no mistake, failure to abide by steroid laws can result in disastrous consequences far reaching what many understand or believe. It is a very common misconception that law enforcement is only interested in dealers, the large suppliers of anabolic steroids and while many think and believe this way that does not make it true. The truth is very simple yet very devastating; mere simple possession can result in a horrific end.

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