Who is Roidprices.com?

roidprices.com is a Turkey-based anabolic steroid and pharmacy products sales website. We have 10 years of online sales experience in Turkey and we have been in the global market since 2017. Quality of products are guaranteed by us . Our first target is Customer Satisfaction, We only offer 100 % legit products. We dont have any partner or dropshipping systems, All of the products in our warehouse.

Also you can check out by Clicking here to see our customer comments and trackings delivered. Might be old we dont uptade frequently.

How can I place order?

You can place order on website, email, or whatsapp

Secure mail: [email protected]

Whatsapp: +380660878512

How Can I Make Payment?

You can make payment by Bank wire, Bank transfer, Transferwise, Ria, Moneygram and any other Crypto currency you want. Bank transfer and bitcoin recommended for speed.

How you are gonna know my order when I make payment?

Your name will show up when you send money do not worry. Don't put order, drugs, drug name, or anything related in reference area its illegal. When you send payment with crypto please let me know how much amount you sent by email or whatsapp.

Will you confirm my payment or order?

After you placed and order, we are trying to contact you on whatsapp if we cant then we are sending you and email from [email protected] All of uptades given via whatsapp or email.

When will my order shipped and when sould I expect tracking?

  • We have two type of shipping option. One with Standart postal service (fee 10usd) no minimum order rule for this option. Tracking will be given in 1-2 days. Delivery time around is 7-20 days.
  • Second option is Fedex, Ups or Dhl (30usd). This option can be available only over 100 usd order. delivery time depends on country. 2-7 days usually.  Tracking will be given in 1-3 days.
  • We are in Turkey/istanbul, if you would like to come and get from airport or anywhere we would like to help you (only for bulk orders)

What will Happen if my order seized by customs or lost?

There are risks of course, some countries no problem with customs, some of very strict. We have re-ship policy, check the link for further information.  Damaged and Seized items

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